Digital Marketing MSc aims at creating and giving prominence to a new generation of professionals in the scientific field of Marketing. Structured by a team of highly skilled scientists & researchers and professionals in the industry, this MSc program offers the students the opportunity to excel in the emerging field of Digital Marketing and form a scientific approach regarding this field, something that proves to be a great advantage in the labor market for this constantly evolving industry.


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Digital Marketing MSc

The subject of the Digital Marketing Program is to promote the scientific knowledge of new scientists, graduates of higher education institutions (AEI) and the scientific research in the area of Digital Marketing. In the modern environment of entrepreneurship, the utilization of new digital services regarding the promotion of products and services has become essential. The supremacy of Digital Marketing in comparison to traditional marketing is now established and that is the reason businesses either change their action plans and processes according to the principles and practices of Digital Marketing, or reinforce existing marketing strategies with digital advertising techniques. 

Furthermore, in the modern digital age, the Internet of Things (IoT) is established as a system of interconnected devices including tablets, mobile phones, smartphones, home appliances, monitoring systems, production systems, computers, etc., which can communicate and interact with each other using the Internet. Digital Marketing offers businesses the opportunity to be omnipotent through the utilization of this interconnected environment that will penetrate through every part of people’s lives. 


The aim of the program is to train and nurture postgraduate students with the aim of acquiring specialized scientific knowledge and experience related to the concepts, methodology, strategies and practices of Digital Marketing.

More specifically, Digital Marketing MSc aims at creating specialized scientists who will:​

Have the ability to plan, configure, evaluate and exploit the benefits and advantages of Digital Marketing.

Perceive the basic principles of traditional and Digital Marketing as well as the appropriate tools for the organization of a Digital Marketing strategic plan.

Have the specialized knowledge of the technological structures and tools that can be utilized to implement the practices of Digital Marketing.

Be able to develop new methodologies, techniques and processes in the scientific field of Digital Marketing.

Have acquired specialized knowledge and experience which will be an important asset in the preparation of their business and scientific careers.

Have the ability, expertise and experience to plan, design and implement proper Digital Marketing campaigns.

Have acquired skills that will improve their ability to work independently and in an innovative manner, in order to become eligible in the labor market.

In this way, they will contribute effectively to the development of businesses and organizations in the respective region and the Greek economy in general.


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